This page provides more information on some of our previous projects. 

Kitikmeot Regional Health Centre, Cambridge Bay, NU

The foundation system for this building incorporates thermally refrigerated zones or thermosyphons. A series of thermistors provides monthly readings which are transmitted remotely to confirm subsoils remain in a frozen state.

Combined with a conventional shallow foundation consisting of perimeter strip footings and interior spread footings, this building was designed for post disaster conditions.

Part of the foundation is designed as a raft to support a large water storage cistern requirement and a sewage tank.

A conventional braced steel frame using wide flange steel beams, HSS columns, Open Web Steel Joists, and fluted metal deck and concrete slab complete the structure.

Princess Alexandra School, Hay River, NT

The original school was constructed in the early 1970's. Steel H piles driven to established refusal criteria provide the foundation for the school addition.

The school addition is consistent with the original design making use of glued laminated timber framing for the resource centre. Curved elements were used to complement architectural requirements.

Several isolated areas within the existing building footprint were modified by installing transfer beams in order to remove existing column supports. New skylights were installed to bring in more light to the building.

An interior modification to the stage area in the gymnasium required a framework of steel beams to be placed between existing glued laminated timber roof beams.

Library Building, Baker Lake, NU

A shallow foundation consisting of strip footings, grade beams and spread footings is protected with thermosyphons. Thermosyphons reduce the risk of permafrost degradation.

The balance of the framing consists of a braced steel frame using wide flange steel beams, HSS columns, chevron and/or bar bracing and curved open web steel joists. the lower roof area was designed for snow build up.

We modelled this building using 3D Frame analysis which allows the designer to inpout load cases directly within an AutoCAD environment. Load combinations and load envelpes are then analyzed using a finite element method. 

Denendeh Manor, Yellowknife, NT

This four storey luxury apartment building is supported on an arrangement of cast in place concrete foundation walls and isolated concrete piers pinned to bedrock.

An elevator shaft required rock excavation below the general level of the main floor. Floor framing uses Wood 'I' joists. Cantilevered balconies were achieved by heading off the framing to a flush beam on the interior plan arrangement.

Careful detailing of structural drawings was required to incorporate tie-downs on the front elevation. The roof profile employs curved open web joists with engineered lumber flange material.

Cessna 170 Pedestal, Inuvik, NT

The Cessana 170 Pedestal was previously supported on a plate with a pin connection.


Cold temperatures and high winds contrbuted to the failure of the connection on two previous occasions. 




We redesigned the pedestal connection with plate material

connected to the bulkheads and landing gear.


We also provided a slewing bearing to permit the plane shell to weathervane and a pillow block connected to the propeller shaft permitting the propeller to spin as well.